Delicious Customized Meals.
Fertility | Pregnancy | Postpartum
Hey there,
You’re not alone.

Trillions of gut bacteria have been on a mission to help our species survive.

These guys (a.k.a the microbiome) are the restless manpower working
with your immune system to encourage glowing health in lots of ways—
including fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and, mental health.

Backed by Science.
Cooked with Heart.
Delivered with Care.

UpChoose and leCupboard partnered to create tailored meal programs that help its community navigate the often-confusing phases of pre-conception, pregnancy, and postpartum.

leCupboard and UpChoose are Public Benefit Corporations sharing a mission to make public health and the planet thrive.

All meals are delicious, organic, nutrient-dense, plant-based, and meticulously portioned to cover all the nutrient needs while taking care of the diversity of your microbiome.

Are you pregnant, looking to conceive, or taking care of a little one? Custom-designed meals are one of your best, yet under-rated allies

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and other top scientists have published substantial evidence-based studies establishing the impact of food on reproductive health.

Whether it is to boost fertility, or help prevent obesity risks for moms and babies, our standards in picking ingredients and generating recipes are here to optimize your goals.

Also, one untapped topic in the healthy food discussions is about nutrient absorption and how making the right mixes is crucial to absorb the required co-enzymes, vitamins and, minerals you need. We got you covered.

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“Plant-based diet is the only diet able to slow down cellular aging and beat heart-disease, diabetes, strokes, camper and Alzheimer”
“When you get leCupboard meals, It's like having a Chef and a nutritionist working for you”
“leCupboard is about preventative healthcare through food”
“leCupboard helps people organize their lives around healthy meals”

How it Works

Money Back Guarantee on Your First Week.
Build your plan
We shape your customized plan. You will receive a follow-up call from your assigned specialist along with meals you’ll love.
Pick delivery days
We work with you to make deliveries seamless. You will receive free classes and access to exclusive events with our community.
Watch the results
Delicious meals at every meal. Enhanced energy levels. Long term health for babies start at their parents’ plates.
Repeat or skip
Skip weeks, cancel subscription, or keep the goodness going. We’re here to help you make consistence happen.
Claim your Freedom to Crave.

The joy of getting nourishment while discovering intense and unique flavors is a treat for the brain and an important factor to maintain mental health.

We reconnect you with ancestral recipes and unique ingredients to amaze your pallets with fine-dining textures in your everyday meals.

Important Tip:
Great habits start with moderation.

Your assigned specialist will help you navigate this during your on-boarding call.

No Shopping. No Cooking. No Cleaning.
100% plant-based | organic | delicious | nutrient-dense | prebiotic rich
Breakfasts. Lunches. Snacks. Dinners
  • Couple Fertility
    Customized to boost reproductive health for both men and women
  • Pregnancy - Mom only
    Customized for expecting mom needs and controlled weight management.
  • Lactation and Post-Partum
    Customized for low sleep environments + lactation for women.
What’s better than a good meal to show your love and support?
We promise it won’t be boring!
Insider tip: if you get this gift card for a loved one, pretend you forgot something at their place and swing by to get some bites :)