Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I dig more into the science of nutrition and fertility, pregnancy, post-partum?
We are glad you asked! The science and research around these topics is fascinating, we have made a compilation of some the most important references, please check here.
Are you suggesting I eat a strict vegan diet?
Not entirely. Plants provide premium nutrients and are a more sustainable, exciting, and efficient way to eat. We highly recommend you stick to the delicious plant-based meals during the slots covered by your program, for the rest, you can always ask your assigned specialist during the on-boarding call.
What happens after I place my first order?
As soon as you place your order, a team member will reach out to schedule your first RD onboarding call, as well as your preferred day and time for delivery. Your food then arrives up to twice a week fresh, packed and labeled. You only have to put it in the fridge, stick the menu to your fridge and watch the results.
How is this different from other food delivery meal plans?
Our meals are not your average food delivery, they are meticulously designed to make preventative healthcare possible while helping you embrace your cravings. We blend flavors to send your neurons the right signal of pleasure and variety of texture that will keep you satisfied. Recipes are a world-tour with your tastebuds, taking roots in real knowledge of ingredient pairing and nutrient bio-availability.
How do you create my plan?
Depending on your quiz results, we mix and match your goals and restrictions with the amount of macronutrients and micronutrients recommended according to peer-reviewed research and evidence- based studies.
What happens if I don’t like it?
Send us an email. Money Back Guarantee for your first order, no questions asked.